Do I believe His Word??

I have always tried to live my life with “no regrets”. I pray that His word would be so powerful and real in my life, that I could live every hour this way.

“There once was a father who lost his job and had to move his wife and small children into a shack. When they rented the shack, under an old couch, they found a small wooden box. This box was a little bigger than a shoebox and decorated like a treasure chest. Every day the father would go out in the town, up and down the streets begging for work. If they had no work, he would ask for a few small coins for food, if they had no coins to give, he would beg for a few morsels of food for his family. As soon as he opened the door every night, he was met with his small children begging for food. They were so hungry.  Many nights he was also met with this box. Some nights it would trip him as soon as he walked through the door. On those nights, after a frustrating day, he would kick it across the room. Other nights, it would not show up until later, but he would still have to move it. It was irritating as it always seemed to be there—right in his way.

                As the days went on, he realized that he was not going to have money for rent. Sadly he told his children they would have to move out at the end of the month. Every day, however, he would continue to walk up and down the street, bringing home what little food he could – it was never enough to satisfy them. And every day, he was met with this box. The kids would play with it during the day, and at night father would annoyingly kick it out of his path. It seemed to always be there.  No matter where he sat it was either on the chair or at his feet. Finally the end of the month came, and the family had to move across town to another even smaller apartment.

                A few weeks later as he made his rounds, he ran across the man who had rented the shack. After visiting for a short time, the man asked the father, “was that treasure box in the shack when you rented it?”. “oh yes” said the father, “that box always seemed to be in the way”. “did you ever open the box” asked the man.  “No” said the father “it was just a fake treasure box for the kids to play with. I would get so tired of kicking it out of my way. I would be gone all day long trying to get money for food and clothing and as soon as I walked in the door that box always seemed to meet me”.  The man replied, “I wish you would have opened it because in that box was $50,000. That would surely have helped with your bills”.

Although this story is not real, it gives me chills. I imagine the Father gazing down on me, He says, “oh my child, your life was so difficult, it didn’t have to be”

“What” I say, “whatever do you mean? I worked so hard at what I did. And yes, often it was very difficult”

As the Father gazes down on me, tears stream down His face.  “You didn’t have to live like that, desperately, working and living in such emotional, physical and spiritual pain”

“But what do you mean, Lord? I did the best I knew. How was I supposed to know it could have been different?” I ask.

“Oh my child, it was all right there in My Book. If you would have just believed what you read, your life could have been so much different”

I pray we would not continue to come home each night, after desperately striving to do what must be done, and kick “the box” out of the way.  Throwing away all that He promises us….. simply because we do not believe His word.



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