courage to go on

so, for those of you that are new to here or haven’t read many blog posts, we might be moving. (again)

surprisingly (? is it really a surprise?), we don’t know WHERE we’re moving to. or WHEN we’re moving.

but that’s literally our life.

every single day, it’s a ‘do we know what’s gonna happen today?’, and most of the time, it’s ‘no, we don’t’

we ‘take it as it comes’. but not really. cause i’m not really ready for when our plans change and something doesn’t work out.

flexibility is so hard to come by, at least for me.

not knowing where we’re gonna move, and having already moved so many times already..goodness, it’s hard.

i’m over it already and it hasn’t even happened yet 🙂

went out for a little date with Mom today and we were talking about it…

SO many people, teams, people on the river, etc., that we’ve seen once and may very well never see again ‘this side of heaven’.

reality splat for ya there…. 🙂


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