courage to go on

so, for those of you that are new to here or haven’t read many blog posts, we might be moving. (again) surprisingly (? is it

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The Work continues

Although we have been in the US for 2 months, the work in Brazil continues. For the last year, we have been involved with finishing

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May flights

It has been a great blessing to have the RV6 (wheels plane) here. We were excited to have it donated, and we were confident we

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2 weeks of flying

Last fall Janelle went on a trip to help work on a church close to Parintins. This is about 20 hours by boat from Santarém,

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Native missionary

One of the goals of every foreign mission organization should be to, eventually, reach and teach them so that they in turn go and reach

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Using the Airplane

Over the last few months the airplane has been in use–Praise the Lord. Although I continue to tweak things to improve performance (added steps to

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Busy day

It was a great Monday morning. Met for prayer at 7am. Arrived at the hanger at 8 to meet with the engineer and workers about

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The next adventure

The aviation ministry, Amazon Salt and Light, was recently donated another airplane. The end of this month, Matt and another pilot will fly it to

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