it feels like rain

forgive me for the bad picture, it’s iPhone 5 quality. but i had forgotten to take the clothes off the line and so at 7PM

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hello friends!! it’s been a little 🙂 so on March 23-29, we had the HONOR of having my BFF & her family come here to

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2016, Its Jaelah again

dear friends, so you may be thinking, ‘ummmm, Jaelah? it’s New Year’s Eve today, why is the title 2016?’ and my answer, dear friends, is

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God is good

friends, i have no words. many, many topics, but no words. life has been busy lately. really busy. our schedule is quite full…. but, it’s

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life lately

hey everybody! Jaelah here 🙂 since this blog lives on silence for months-a post or two-silence for months etc., i thought i would do a

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Trip to Nova Vitoria

Hi everyone! Wow….it’s been a looong time! Last August was my last post! Well, sorry, but this time it’s about another trip! This trip was

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