Busy day

It was a great Monday morning. Met for prayer at 7am. Arrived at the hanger at 8 to meet with the engineer and workers about raising the floor in the hangar and putting in a ramp to keep the water from coming it. To help understand why, (click here). This happened last year while I was putting the new motor on the airplane. While I don’t mind working in 2 feet of water…..ok, yes, I do mind; the biggest problem is the humidity and what that does to airplane parts. So our plan is to build a wall and raise the floor to keep out the water.

Around 9am we got a call that a young girl had fallen out of a tree and had broken her arm. The mission’s pastor happened to be having a camp in the community so he was able to call the mission and request the plane. Since it wasn’t too far and it was a young child and her mother, weight-wise, Lucas (the other pilot) and I were both able to go. Since I don’t have alot of experience flying floatplanes in the Amazon, I am always looking for a chance to take a flight with a more experienced pilot (Lucas has almost 500 hours flying small planes over the Amazon Rainforest.

We arrived in 30 minutes or so (5 hours by boat) and without much delay loaded the child and her mom and headed back to Santarém to the hospital. To ease the child’s fears about flying, I asked her if she had fallen out of the tree on purpose just to get a ride in the airplane.

Just before leaving the city to pick up the girl, a bricklayer arrived at the hangar and reminded me that I had promised to take him back out to the church he was working on. He had come into town last week to help pour the floor in another church in our neighborhood that we are working on. Because I took him in the airplane, he was able to spend one more day with his wife and family before he left for 2 weeks to get the church ready for the roof and floor.

Picture below: Murphy Rebel in the community of Jupindá with Nicodemus a bricklayer who is working on the construction of a river church.

Praise the Lord for total safety today.

It’s 10:30pm; I am packing my clothes and Janelle is making some food to take on a 2-day boat trip to deliver material to yet another church in a different river community. Her parents and a niece are here, so we are taking the opportunity to take our family and give them another adventure on the Amazon!



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