Back in the saddle

Here are a few things we have been doing since back in Brazil. Janelle has started school with the kids. I told Luke he wouldn’t be able to wear shorts, no shoes or shirt, in any school that I know of back in the states. trip 4

We had a special service for leaders in the ‘new’ church in our neighborhood. They had the inauguration while we were on furlough and now are having regular sunday services along with Tuesday evening leadership training. There have been 7 or 8 people coming to the Lord every Sunday since we opened the church! We knew there was a need for a place for worship in our neighborhood, but this is incredible. Now we need more workers to care for the new lambs–but that’s not something new since Jesus told us to pray for that very thing.


Matt is doing an inspection on the floatplane, but has also been able to do a couple flights in the landplane. A community many hours by boat from Santarém has been renting a building for worship. Last year they were able to purchase a plot of land. At that time there were about 200 people (including children) in the church. Last week when Matt took the plans and engineer to meet with the pastor, he told them they had grown to about 600. They are already need multiple services in the building, and they haven’t even started construction yet! The construction manager had been putting off this trip because he knew it was a 4 day project (going by boat, meeting, and then returning by boat). Matt and the engineer were able to complete it in one day with the plane. Engineer meeting with the bricklayer: Trip 1

There are two Brazilian pilots here at the mission. Matt did some training with them last week and one of them soloed in the RV-6. The other is a newer pilot but is learning quickly. trip 2


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