Changed lives

Jameson: About 3 months ago, I was at cell group when a young man entered. I didn’t get a chance to talk to him that

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Trip to Jupindá

In January, some of my family is coming to visit with their children. Our plan is to build a church in memory of my mother

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Nossa professora

God has blessed us with a couple of great Portuguese teachers.  We have class with each for an hour and 15 minutes each day.  Today

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Humaita- road trip

Last month at 4:30 one morning seven guys left Santarem to “spy” out the land for our move next year. We drove over 1800 miles–

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Bearhawk- transformation

After much prayer and consultation, the mission gave the go-ahead to purchase some amphib floats for the 4-place Bearhawk. This occurred last fall. The floats

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Rebel- accident

Some of you may know that Matt was in an accident yesterday with the floatplane. He had flown a pastor to some river communities to

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Latest aviation project

One major headache I’ve encountered while living in Brazil was the importation of some aluminum floats. We asked for much prayer and after thousands of

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