Airplane timeline

Here is a timeline of the airplane I have been working on. When we arrived in January, this airplane needed a new motor. After searching for many weeks, we found one here in Brazil and took a week long trip to get it. Then came the rainy season. Water entered the hangar to a depth seen only one other time in 20 years. I didn’t mind working on the airplane in the water, but didn’t want the engine open while I worked on it in the very humid air. Last week the water went down enough that, finally, the motor is in the hangar and ready to be installed.

The flooded hangar:

Engine history:


Moved to the hangar:

On the airplane:

While I was waiting for the water to go down, I worked on the rest of the airplane. Re-doing the panel and electrical system. Panel:


We also removed most of the systems from the old engine. Firewall (where the engine goes) before:

Ready for the new engine:

Exhaust and carburetor installed:

Between evangelizing and discipling in our local community and going out on work trips, I am working on getting the new engine running. Thanks to ALL who have contributed to this project.



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