a few days in the life of the Steidingers, by Mariah & Jaelah

On Tuesday evening we had a picnic (barbeque in Brazilian terms) put on by the language school. Here are some pictures of our GREAT time. Even though our grandpa’s live far away, the language school director, Pierre, is sure spoiling us! Every time we go some where, he tells us about more things to do in brazil (more ice cream shops, fresh squeezed watermelon juice, etc). My dad says if this keeps up, we will have to find another language school.

Above: This is a picture of the picnic/eating area.

Above: Looking into the picnic/eating area from the parking lot–beautiful.

Above: On the right, Sierra (seated), Mom and Mariah


In Brazil, most sunday main services are in the evening. Therefore we find ourselves with free time during the day. A couple Sunday mornings we’ve spent just a few blocks away at a large park / zoo. It is one of very few places here in Southern Brazil that still has virgin rainforest.

Above: One of the many beautiful brick walkways in the Bosque.

Above: The kids at the top of a climbing thing at one of the many parks we’ve visited

Above: The kids when we visited the Bosque (notice the huge log in the background!)

Above: I (Mariah) had Jaelah and Sierra model for a few pictures while at the Bosque (it really makes a

good background with all the trees and stuff!)

Above: A toucan from one of the many cages we visited.

Above: One of the few pictures I (Mariah) took of

mom and dad.

That is a lot of the pictures from my camera! I feel like constantly being asked if someone can use my camera. I really enjoy taking pictures though. I took some of some animals at the Bosque and I’ll see if I can put some of those on here. I have also had many opportunities to learn the language and interact with other kids.


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